Virable's Video Co-Pilot program 
"Reach new 
  heights with
- Fortnightly Guidance and Lessons
- 1 to 1 Monthly review of your
- Accountability and Measurement 
- Techniques, Trends and Result 
   Driven Challenges.
- Video Kit load outs
- Workspace Studio design and Set up 

Why the Co-Pilot program?

Have an Award Winning Producer,
Viral Storyteller and Global Brand Architect 
join your team with the sole focus of levelling up your Video Marketing and Storytelling game.
More Views, More Engagement and More Customers in a fraction of the time it would take you to research, learn and implement it all yourself. 

That's what the Co-Pilot program is all affordable way for Sales teams, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants to rapidly increase their impact without the massive investment of time. 

3, 6 or 12 months 

We ride with you....that's what Co-Pilot's do.
Keeping our eyes on the dashboard while you fly the plane. 

We love the data and science that dictates the trajectory of people and brands on social media. In fact with so many platforms and an endless pattern of disruption, simply keeping up with all the changes is it's own full time job. 

We do that part for you so you don't have to worry and can focus fully on your business.

New Tech or Software just launched that will make your videos way better?  We won't only let you know about them but provide the insights and training needed so you can seamlessly adopt them into your current processes and systems.  
We'll keep ahead of the pack across 
3 Core Components 
    We believe 100% in the
    power of video.

-  We review, assess and
   monitor your content and
   cross check it's performance
   against the latest trends and
   platform specific high

- Improve your confidence on
   camera with leading Media
   and Voice training and
   insights from an
   experienced professional of
   more than 2 decades.

-  Receive strategic and
   constructive 1 to 1 
   feedback and guidance on
   your work. 
   (With a specific focus on
   improving your social video
   skills and  storytelling) 
Tap into our Network of successful creators and inspirational storytellers.
- Fortnightly "inner circle" 
  experiences with some of the
  best in the business as they
  share private insights and
  secrets not told anywhere

- We commit to
   communication being a two
   way process, so you will
   always have the opportunity
   to have your questions
   answered and most
   importantly make a

- Fast track your learning
   journey by avoiding often
   painful trial and error and
   following the path that has
   led others to success. 
'Tech is Hard' we hear it all the time, but it doesn't need to be.  

- Learn about the latest
   advances in software and
   apps to make powerful
   connections via video....then
   learn how to best use them.  

- New cameras, Lights, Mics
   and Rigs. Avoid endlessly
   upgrading to expensive gear
   that doesn't truly suit your
- Learn camera controls, Shot
   selection and style
   techniques to have your
   videos looking pro even you
   are only using your phone. 

  - Let us make the most of
    your space and style.
    studio set up and design,
    audio arrangements and
    lighting techniques
- Fast Pass to Mastering Video

- Real-time, Real feedback

- Expert Mentoring and Guidance 

- Industry Insights, Help and Hacks. 

- Premium Bonuses and Discounts across ALL Virable
   courses while a Co-Pilot member. 
We don't believe in get quick rich schemes. We believe in hard work, consistency, providing real value and serving others.  
And that's what our programs are designed to help you do. 
By Law, we do not and can not make any promises or guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn money with our insights, strategies, advice and programs. 
Success is ultimately up to you and your efforts - that's life in general, agreed? Other people's results, success and earnings using our strategies, guidance and programs are not and should not be considered a guarantee of your potential earnings or success.
They are simply estimates, projections or that individual's past results.
We are here to give you our greatest strategies, advice and suggestions to move you forward further, faster.      

If you have any questions email 

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